My Reading Corner #23

Hello everyone!

You may be the boss in your office, the Landlord of your house, the Chairman of your Committee, the Governor of your state, the President of your country, but in true worship; all that is inconsequential as only one excellency is recognized; the Monarch of the universe, the Creator, the Self existent one, the I am that I am, the unchangeable changer,…His name is Jesus.

To Him, every knee bows!

Join Otokini as she reads Nugget 23 from My 30 Nuggets on True Worship.

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Think Tank Special (Sign Out)

Hello everyone!

Wow! We are finally at the end of the road and I must say it has been a long rewarding journey from October 2019 when the very first episode of Think Tank was shot and released, until September 2021 when the 100th episode was released!

Putting out thoughts weekly to help you think twice; encouraging you to be intentional in all aspects of your everyday life in order to make sure you live your best on a daily basis.

It is an assignment I am grateful to have responded to and today, with so much joy and gratitude in my heart, I sign out, knowing fully well that I did my best to deliver on this life transforming assignment!

I trust that the objective has been achieved and all who have been part of the journey have also experienced an upgrade in different aspects of their life.

Special thanks to all who one way or the other contributed to the success of this venture.
I deeply appreciate.

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To your success;

Uche Etiaba.
aka Laureche



My Reading Corner #22


*How would you host the ultimate V.I.P?*

If you don’t know what He wants and how He wants it, you may make a mess of the experience.

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Worship Break Thursday

Hello everyone!

Something to think about today…

Worship is not a song!
What if you woke up and discovered there were no more songs in the world?
Would you still be able to worship?
Often times, some people wait till they get to a church or a gathering to hear the choir sing or the musicians play before they can ‘worship’

Well, in today’s worship break, I did not have to use other people’s songs to offer my worship; rather I let myself go before my Father in heaven who I love; pouring words of adoration and thanksgiving from my heart to His ears; fully aware that Worship is an audience of one.

God Almighty is the object of Worship and nothing else counts but Him. This, I call ‘Worship Unscripted’

Please join me for this experience which is sure to transport you to higher heights in your walk as a child of God.

…Long after the music stops, true worship continues!

God bless!

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Think Tank Special 6(Celebrating 100 Episodes of impact)

Hello beautiful Saints!

So many testimonials from people on the impact of the Think Tank Series.

Today Chi expresses gratitude as a recipient of the rich content provided in the Think Tank series.

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Think Tank Monday Specials 4 (Celebrating 100Episodes of Impact

Hello beautiful people!
It’s Think Tank Monday and all I see is glory all around me!💃💃💃

We won’t stop celebrating; we know lives have been touched and destinies turned around!

Please listen to Dr Ngozi today and feel free to join the party!

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My Reading Corner #19

Hello everyone!
It’s My Reading Corner #19.




As we enter a new month, what are your thoughts? In spite of all that is going on, here is my contemplation….

Death works in the world, but life works in me and all that concerns me because I am connected to God almighty who is the source of life. Nothing dies in my hand! Halleluyah!

To your success!