Listen Oh Young Wife #9

*Baby talk may work in the first 3years but that’s it!🤷*

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My Weekend Muse #1


*I was fined for speaking truth*

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My Reading Corner #30

Now we round off the Reading Corner with our book; My 30 nuggets on True Worship….

Only in True Worship do we minister to the Lord🙌🙌🙌🙌

Worship Break Thursday 6/1/22

*BEFORE YOU SLEEP OFF* Please join me for a worship break.
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Listen oh young wife #7

Hello everyone!
Are you a lion or a lamb depending on location???
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Welcome to the year 2022!!!

Welcome to the best year of your life so far!….no more delays…answers pouring like constant rain. Your faith has prevailed, your expectations met.
It’s 2022. Rejoice!!!

Listen oh young wife #6

Some wives make the mistake of assuming that since they are same age as their spouses, then that suggests that they are mates. certainly not! God sent you oh wife, as a help meet, not age mates. When you discover your true identity as a wife, communication becomes easy…