Think Tank Monday#94

Hello everyone! Happy new week!

Why is it so hard to ask for help even at the brink of disaster????
Well today on Think Tank we talk about 4 things that may be responsible…
Shyness, fear, stubbornness or pride!
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Think Tank Monday

Happy new week!

Today on Think Tank, we talk about LABELS! It I interesting to find that some people hide their insecurity under big labels.
They mistakenly think that wearing a particular brand can fill the void inside….If only they know; that there is a God-shaped void in every man and that nothing else can fill that void but God!

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Think Tank Monday #92

Today on Think Tank we begin to discuss something sensitive; Who decides whether you are a Victor or a Victim?

Yes so much may have happened but who really decides what label to give you?

The beautiful truth is that you don’t have to be defined by the harsh blows life may have thrown at you…No! Your future does not have to continue from the past. No!!!

Simply make a decision and tell yourself that today is the beginning of the rest of your life and that’s it! New life or phase or chapter or season starts!!!

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Think Tank Monday #91

Welcome to a week of joyyyy all the way!😀

*6 Months into 2021…What I got VS What I wanted*🤔🤔🤔

It’s Think Tank Monday💃
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Think Tank Monday

Hello everyone!

Welcome to a week of pleasant surprises!

Today on Think Tank we talk about the myth of Time Management…

With all the materials on Time Management, you would think that one can create more hours with the wave of a finger!

We all know that this is not the case in our everyday lives.

So how do we get more done within the waking hours we have? We simply learn the art of managing our activities, events and relationships in order to enjoy life to the full.

We don’t manage Time, we manage ourselves and our activities…

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Think Tank Monday#89

Hello everyone!

It’s a brand new and beautiful week!🙂

Sometimes we meet people who play the role of victims. They lament about how they were swindled of their hard earned cash.

The real question is…were they lured away by their own lust? or were they genuinely deceived???

It’s Think Tank Monday and I will be glad to get your comments on this all important thought.

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Think Tank Monday

Welcome to a new week!😀

*Your next level is not a mystery*

It’s Think Tank Monday💃
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Think Tank Monday

It’s Think Tank Monday!💃

So over time, people have generally accepted the fact that no one is perfect…everyone has one fault or the other.
The truth is that the more a person accepts such statusquo, the easier it is for him to come to terms with; accept and live with this erroneous statement.

In today’s video, we define what ‘perfect’ really means and then go on to establish why it is a reality for all who would accept the truth of it.

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Think Tank Monday

Hello everyone!

It’s Think Tank Monday 💃

A lot of times people mix up mental activity with thinking. That thoughts are running through your head does not necessarily mean you are thinking. For an activity to qualify as ‘thinking’, conscious attention has to be given to a thought or some thoughts with the intention to come up with an action point. Other than this, one is merely operating a factory of thoughts; where thoughts are collected but not necessarily given the right attention to produce an idea for desired change.

Watch today’s video for more and make up your mind to change your circumstance by first changing your thinking process!

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Think Tank Monday

There are little things that seemingly don’t matter but if given just a bit of thought, you will be amazed at how we have operated on autopilot all these years!
‘Goodmorning’ is a very simple everyday greeting. What’s your response?
Does it really make sense when you give some thought?

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