Video for More than enough “Izurukeme” by Laureche lives up to the hype


The much awaited video of Laureche’s hit song; More than enough “Izurukeme” is out. Click on the link below to watch and bask in God’s Glory:

A befitting effort for an intense and uplifting worship song that is fast growing on many music lovers, the splendid video further validates this timeless song.

Shot in Port Harcourt, Rivers State (see report), the classy and painstaking endeavour culminated in an excellent work that effortlessly elicits positive emotions. The blend of the beautiful outdoor scenery with the superb lighting of the indoor scenes and the precise audio/video sync, sets off the production nicely and created the right energy.

For me, the artistic presentation is summed up by these three words; colourful, creative and captivating.

The album; More than enough is available on the following stores:

iTunes More than Enough

Amazon More than Enough

Amazon on demand


King of Kings, Lord of Lords
Elshadai, Adonai
There is none, compared to you, IzurukemeLord you are, my everything
I lift my hands, in praise to you
‘Cos you deserve, the highest praise, Izurukeme

When I stop to think of your awesome Grace and Mercy
I will lift my voice in gratitude and say
Izurukeme (3x) You’re just more than enough
Izurukeme (3x) You’re just more than enough

Lord you’ve been, a present help
All I am, I owe to you
You make my life, so beautiful, Izurukeme

You go beyond, our hopes and dreams
You do much more, than we could ask
That’s nothing more that we desire, Izurukeme


Almighty ehhh, Most Holy ehhh
You are more than enough
Creator ehhh, Provider ehhh
You are all that we need
Izurukeme (2x)

You’re bigger, bigger
Stronger, stronger
Wiser, wiser
Greater, greater
Mightier, mightier
Higher, higher
No one compares to you (Repeat verse)

Bigger, stronger, wiser, greater, mightier, higher
No one compares,

Ebube dike, Onye oma m o,
Chi m obi m o, Papa m o
Ikariri ya, Ikariri ihe asi na ibu, Daddy m o
Ikariri ya, Chi mara nma, Ikariri ya
Ikariri ihe asi na ibu, Ikariri ihe asi na ibu lee
You are bigger than what people say

Izurukeme (3x) You’re just more than enough
Izurukeme (2x)
Yes o Lord, You’re just more than enough