Worship Break Thursday

Hello everyone!

Something to think about today…

Worship is not a song!
What if you woke up and discovered there were no more songs in the world?
Would you still be able to worship?
Often times, some people wait till they get to a church or a gathering to hear the choir sing or the musicians play before they can ‘worship’

Well, in today’s worship break, I did not have to use other people’s songs to offer my worship; rather I let myself go before my Father in heaven who I love; pouring words of adoration and thanksgiving from my heart to His ears; fully aware that Worship is an audience of one.

God Almighty is the object of Worship and nothing else counts but Him. This, I call ‘Worship Unscripted’

Please join me for this experience which is sure to transport you to higher heights in your walk as a child of God.

…Long after the music stops, true worship continues!

God bless!

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